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Why is being a tree surgeon in Norwich dangerous?

A large tree that has broken in half in Norwich and would be dangerous for a tree surgeon to take care of

​A tree surgeon’s job is to prune, down, and transplant trees and other woody perennials to cultivate and manage them. A tree surgeon in Norwich may be required to, quite literally, do “surgery” on a tree that has damage or disease. Or to cut down a portion of a tree, for example, if its branches become entangled in a power line. In other places, they enhance the appearance of the neighbourhood. Although fascinating, the profession has some significant hazards.

A dangerous career: Tree surgeon

The HSE website reports that 24 tree surgeons have passed away in the last ten years. Mostly as a consequence of chainsaw accidents, falls from great heights, or being struck by falling trees or lumber. And nearly 1,400 have been injured.

The risks involved

These kinds of mishaps can be disastrous for craftsmen and their families. Additionally, injured tree surgeons are probably self-employed, which means they have little access to sick leave benefits. To go with their loss of income and what may be a protracted recovery process, they might also be dealing with a court battle depending on the circumstances. Their capacity to work generally might have long-term repercussions in some circumstances.

Health and safety

The HSE website suggests that employers (or the person in question, if they are self-employed) make sure that the appropriate training and competency measures are put in place in terms of direct protection against such incidents.

The right qualifications

Tree surgeons should have NPTC chainsaw qualifications in addition to the mandatory health and safety training. A variety of governing UK organisations, such as the Arboricultural Association, Lantra, and City and Guilds, serve as providers of additional training and certifications, which are also advised.

Licenses and permits

Tree surgeons must obtain a licence to fell trees and make sure that any job they do is exempt from the licencing requirement. These are issued by the Forestry Commission (England and Scotland), the Forest Service (Northern Ireland), and Natural Resources (Wales) and include trees in orchards, gardens, and specific other locations in addition to saplings or nuisance trees. A waste management and waste carrier licence should be obtained by any company that generates natural waste, depending on the volume of waste they generate, store, burn, or disseminate.

The right tools

To work safely and efficiently, tree surgeons need the correct tools. Correct training in the use of equipment like chainsaws should be offered in addition to suitable control methods for tree surgeons working at heights, protective clothing, and ear protection. Lone employees must also introduce themselves to their employers. Including medical information and personal information in case of an accident. To prevent equipment theft, tree surgeons should take precautions. Especially while leaving their equipment unattended overnight in branded vans.

Insurance is important

The most common type of insurance utilised by persons in the field in the unlikely event their job may cause injury to a client or damage to their property is public liability insurance. While not legally required, other forms, such as professional indemnity and employer’s liability (for those with employers or subcontractors), are. Personal accident insurance may also be taken into account in the event of injury.

Care for our trees

Workers must confirm that a tree is not protected by a tree protection order (TPO) or situated in a designated conservation or research area before beginning any work on it. The municipal government typically approves tree work.

Safety for tree surgeons

Tree surgeons have a variety of duties. But their primary one is to take care of trees and make sure they live for a longer time. These duties range from improving our surroundings to averting accidents brought on by partially felled trees. Although doing tree surgery frequently entails physically demanding work in hazardous environments. Precautions can be taken to ensure that personnel can complete their work as safely as possible.

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