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What is a tree surgeon?

We often get asked what is a tree surgeon and so here we will tell you. A tree surgeon is responsible for maintaining the health of trees by providing them with the proper care and treatment. In addition to pruning trees that have grown too large to maintain their health, it also involves planting new trees. And also removing trees that are in danger of collapsing or otherwise posing an immediate threat.


Tree surgeons are responsible for a wide range of tasks, and they must be physically fit to do so. This means that all tree surgeons will be trained to use chainsaws, as well as what protective clothes they will need to wear.

Inspections of tree lines

During our hazard tree services in Norwich evaluations, we’ll have a tree surgeon inspect the trees. This is to determine their potential threat and overall health. When it comes to public places, this inspection must be carried out regularly to determine what has to be done. This is for the benefit of the general public and to guarantee the utmost level of safety. When working on private property, a tree surgeon will conduct a site inspection. And then discuss with the customer what work they want to be done. They will cover how much it will cost and how much disruption it will cause, among other things.

Getting rid of dead range leaves

Dead or weakly attached branches on a tree may necessitate pruning to preserve its health. A skilled arborist will know which branches should be removed. And which can be kept in place and will climb the tree to accomplish this task safely.


In the instance of a tree that is struggling, removing dead or weak limbs can prevent it from collapsing. Expert tree surgeons don’t take any chances with their health since they know that using chainsaws and other sharp tools while hanging in the air is risky.

Tree safety goes first

To be a successful tree surgeon, a person must be physically fit and be able to climb a tree safely. And when they do this they must always wear a safety harness and helmet. A busy tree surgeon must have the physical stamina and stamina to climb big trees daily. And this is without putting themselves or their coworkers in danger.

Photo of a tree surgeon up a tree on safety ropes

Getting rid of a tree

In the interest of public safety, a tree surgeon will do everything possible to keep a tree from being cut down. However, when dealing with large trees, this can be risky. Because the process of taking down the tree would include multiple steps.


Typically, the climber will begin at the top of the tree and work their way down the trunk. They will be removing all of the branches until the tree is completely clear.


To guarantee public safety, a team will be working on the ground under the tree to remove branches and shred them as they come down. This is to keep the area clear as work is done.


Climbers typically work their way down the tree, cutting the trunk above them as they go, after removing the branches. Afterwards, there will be a stump that needs to be taken care of.

Ground coverage

To prepare a site for larger construction or land management initiatives. It is often necessary to clear vegetation from the site after a tree has been removed. This procedure will remove all trees and vegetation from the site.

Removing a stump

Our stump grinding Norwich boys have specialised instruments at their disposal for grinding down stumps. So this makes their job much easier.

New trees can be planted

Tree surgeons do more than just prune and remove trees. They may also assist you to plant new trees so that they have the best possible start in life. They have the expertise required to make certain that the plants are planted correctly. And so they receive all of the assistance they require to flourish. To guarantee that the tree is correctly inserted into the ground, it may be necessary to utilise heavy gear, cables, and supports.​