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What does a tree surgeon use to cut wood?

A tree surgeon’s job appears simple, but it is actually rather difficult. You’ll quickly learn that tree care and trimming involve more than just haphazardly swinging your axe. Using the most up-to-date tools and equipment, a trained and qualified tree surgeon can secure his own safety while cutting trees. So let’s look at what does a tree surgeon use to cut wood. 

Tools and equipment of a tree surgeon

Even if a tree-trimming specialist has years of experience, poor tool selection or malfunctioning equipment might lead to a disaster. Arborists rely on specialised tree surgery equipment to get the job done safely while they’re on the job site.

Equipment for rigging

Tree surgeons often employ two types of climbing equipment: ropes and harnesses. They are harnesses and rigging tools. In contrast, the latter is used to climb larger trees, convey heavy equipment and supplies, or bring down huge cut trees. Many tree surgeons in Norwich are familiar with the usage of rigging equipment like friction brakes, rigging plates, blocks and pulleys, heavy- and light-duty and ring slings, cable hoists, carabiners, and more.


There is a revolving chain with teeth linked to it on a chainsaw, which is used to cut wood. A mechanical saw that may be carried around in one’s pocket or purse. When it comes to tree removal, nothing beats this mighty machine. An electric motor or gasoline engine and a tiny blade are required. For pruning trees and shrubs, electric chainsaws are preferred, whereas those fuelled by gasoline are utilised for down trees.

A chainsaw which is what a tree surgeon uses to cut wood

Chippers for wood

For the most part, tree surgeons in Norwich prefer to use tree chippers since they make it easier to chop down a tree’s branches and trunk. In most cases, the wood chippers are wheeled and can be attached to a frame for easy mobility. The wood chips can be utilised for a wide range of reasons, not just to get rid of unwanted trees. If you need to get rid of a lot of unwanted wood quickly, wood chips are the best option.

Grinders for trees

If you believe that a tree surgeon’s sole responsibility is to remove trees, it’s time to dispel that misconception. Our tree cutting service is primarily tasked with the process of cutting down trees, but we must also have a stump grinding Norwich service for afterwards. This is an extremely difficult task because some trees’ roots extend far below the surface of the ground. Using a stump grinder is the quickest and most efficient method of removing a large stump. To get rid of roots and stumps, the instrument features revolving teeth that may be rotated.

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