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Tree stump that needs to be removed

After a tree has been cut or brought down, the stump should be removed so that root rot caused by fungi and suckering is avoided. To remove stumps, the appropriate tools and methodology must be used. However, they may also be eliminated with the application of a herbicide. It is possible to avoid suckering in certain situations by leaving a tree stump in the location where it fell. But, doing so might lead to a number of problems. So it is best to ask a pro like our stump removal Norwich team.


Even though dead stumps will not produce suckers, they can still be a breeding ground for root diseases such as honey fungus. And this makes it impossible to remove them.

Remove a stump when necessary

The Royal Horticultural Society recommends utilising proper cultivar selection, cultivar cleanliness, and encouraging or introducing natural enemies as the first line of defence against pests and diseases in gardens. This strategy is known as the “first line of defence.” Chemical controls should be employed sparingly! And only in situations in which they are absolutely essential.


The removal of tree stumps is a straightforward and speedy procedure that may be carried out at any time. The easiest and most time-efficient way to get rid of tree stumps is to hire a tree surgeon to take care of the task while he or she is taking down the tree. In addition to our tree removal services, we also do stump removal in Norwich.


For chemical stump killers to be successful, they need to be used as soon as possible after the tree has been cut down. It will be necessary to recut the product to prepare it for use.

Removing the stump by hand

In our opinion, this is the most effective course of action to take. It would be best if the stump could be entirely removed. But if that can’t be done, there are frequently alternative methods that may be used that are just as effective.


A winch may be used to pull the smaller tree trunks out of the ground. Gardeners can hire these instruments if they have the necessary knowledge and expertise. Leave a sizeable stump that is up to four feet high rather than chopping it off at ground level. This will give you more leverage.


Mini-excavators or manual grubbing may be used to remove the root system for the most part. This can be accomplished mechanically. Eliminating trees is made considerably simpler if a large section of the tree’s trunk is retained so that it may be used as a lever. The removal of stumps is a service that is often offered by tree surgery companies in Norwich. However, mini-excavators and operators are also available for hire on an independent basis.

Removing the stump by machine

On the other hand, stump grinders work by mechanically removing the primary root plate of the tree. This results in the production of fine sawdust. You may hire stump grinders, but you should only use them if you are a trained professional who is confident in your abilities to handle heavy gear securely. Stump grinding is very hazardous. Only a small number of the roots will remain in the ground. But the vast majority of them will eventually decompose and turn into compost.

Wood chippings after a stump removal project

What can you do with the waste?

Think about being specific about the depth to which you want the stump to be ground. When turf is placed down, it is normally done so on a shallow grinding layer that is 20-25 cm (eight to ten inches) deep. However, replanting or landscaping may need 30 cm (one foot) or even more. There are several applications for sawdust to be utilised in. It has two options. The contractors may choose to remove it and use it as mulch elsewhere in the garden. Or they can leave it there to fill up the hole. Before we start the job, you need to decide which of these choices you want to go with. And you also need to make sure that any infected wood is removed entirely.

What happens to the hole left behind?

When stumps are ground down, they leave a hole in the ground that must be filled with topsoil before the area can be replanted. If there is a significant quantity of sawdust that was unintentionally mixed with the existing soil, it is common practice to propose the use of a nitrogenous fertiliser before planting.

Can you burn the tree stump?

Burning is a possibility to consider if you have an old tree stump that you have inherited and it is not decomposing or producing suckers. However, this is a messy alternative to consider and not something we advise. An accelerant chemical may be required to get the fire started. And even for a tiny stump, it is likely to take at least one full day to burn away all that has to be removed. Be aware, though, that burning your tree stump is not an option if it has an excessive amount of moisture. Even with a chemical accelerant, you won’t make much progress.

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