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How to choose a tree surgeon?

It’s unfortunate, but there are a lot of unqualified persons out there claiming to be tree service providers. The problem is that if you engage an unqualified, inexperienced, and unknowledgeable person to do tree work, it can be quite dangerous. So we are going to go over how to choose a tree surgeon.


Consider hiring a tree-cutting service in Norwich for the removal of large branches from a tree. Overhead power lines and a high wall near the tree make entry difficult. Because they haven’t had any training in dealing with these kinds of situations, they handle it haphazardly, with no plan or risk assessment in place. A tree branch lands on a parked automobile. Another person causes damage to a neighbour’s storage shed. Because of this, you approach the tree firm for help and discover that they lack proper insurance. The only thing you can stand on when making a claim is your head.


As a result, anyone can claim to be a tree service firm, advertise in a local newspaper, or hand out flyers. But if you’re looking for ‘good tree surgeons near me‘ then how can you tell? Doing so could make the difference between a successful and safe job and a slew of costly issues. Tree surgeons and arborists must meet certain criteria of quality, care, and safety, so here are some things to keep in mind when looking for one.

A few tips on how to choose a tree surgeon in Norwich

Avoid general service traders

Be on the lookout for leaflets that are delivered in the mail. Gutter cleaning, patio laying, gardening, fence repair, and, of course, tree services are all available from this group. Those that offer such a wide range of services are not specialists, but rather “Jacks of all trades,” as the saying goes. Would you employ a general handyman to install a new gas heater in your house?? No. So why would you even think about hiring a general contractor for a project like trimming back or removing a tree that requires a degree of expertise?


As with any professional trade, tree surgery requires a wide range of experience, credentials, education, unique equipment and certifications as well as insurance and health and safety and operating at height know-how. Getting to the point where you can guarantee your clients’ safety and quality involves a lot of money and a long time. We’ve been working on this for a decade now.


We don’t install patios here. We don’t repair fences here. And we don’t do any gutter cleaning. Engineers aren’t the type to install flooring or shelves. It follows thus that the number one guideline should be: don’t entertain multi-purpose service providers, as their knowledge will be lacking. Tree surgery is what we do. If you want a project done right, avoid hiring jacks of all trades.

"Tree surgeons" who offer 'topping and lopping'

There are no recognised tree surgery companies in Norwich offering ‘topping and lopping.’ A tree can be lopped in half or lopped in half by anyone. However, no one will be aware of the potential harm they are inflicting on the tree’s health. Falling branches pose a risk to both of them, but they won’t be aware of it.

Companies with no landline

There is no traceability if simply a mobile phone number is available. A mobile phone can be turned off, or worse, thrown away. Prepare your response in the event of a problem. As long as you have a landline phone number, you’ll feel safe.

A photo of a landline phone which is an important factor when choosing a tree surgeon

Getting a leaflet through your door

You’ve probably received a few low-quality leaflets: black and white, misspellings, and crooked printing. Is it possible to put your faith in a tree service just on the quality of their leaflet? Don’t even think about going there!

Payment in advance

Never do business with a corporation that requests payment in advance. There is never a need to pay us upfront. We don’t have to buy anything to finish this project, so why would we? If you need to hire specialised equipment, such as a manual elevated work platform, to reach a difficult-to-reach tree, you may be asked to pay a deposit; however, you can pay with a credit card and receive a receipt. Otherwise, you should only make a payment if you are completely satisfied with the completed service.

Ask questions

If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to ask them. Finding out how work will affect trees and how the job will be approached to prevent causing any damage to fences or sheds may help you catch a “cowboy.”

A few tips on how to choose a tree surgeon in Norwich

If you’re looking for a tree surgeon who can safely do your task then you’ll find us if you search ‘tree surgeon Norwich area‘, if not, we hope this information is useful. If you follow these suggestions, you’ll be better off in the long run, so please use caution at all times. You wouldn’t hire a gas fitter who wasn’t Gas Safe Registered, would you?​