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A tree that has fallen in the middle of a road in Norwich and would need a site clearance team to move it

In preparation for new development, utility and infrastructure improvements, land management, and habitat restoration, Pro Tree Surgeon Norwich has years of experience clearing big commercial and contract projects. For site clearance Norwich projects we make use of particular pieces of equipment. When utilising this procedure, there is a significant increase in the amount of side root clearance. And the soil is also freed of any buried roots.


Equipment and safety

At our tree surgery company in Norwich, we have all of the equipment and the knowledge required to clear any size site. This is regardless of how big or how small it may be. Because of our years of experience, high-quality equipment, and extensive knowledge, there is no limit to what we are capable of doing. To safeguard not only our workers but also anybody else who may be present on the grounds. We will always act in accordance with the most stringent safety rules. And we aim to ensure that the area has been brought back to its empty condition. Just as it was when it was first discovered.

Correct training

To remove trees from a location, it is necessary to make use of heavy machinery. And to hire an arborist who has received the appropriate training. Because of the high probability of suffering major harm, no one who hasn’t got the required education, skills, and experience should ever try to do this task. Clearances on properties, whether they be residential or commercial, are fraught with challenges at every turn. Our staff of tree surgeons is prepared to handle any problematic vegetation that may appear. This is because they have dealt with it all before.


When it comes to clearing a particular site, many services are available to choose from. They include anything from selective species removal and clear-felling to chipping and stump grinding. It is possible to give a comprehensive range of services. And we can work closely with you to discover the finest techniques of work. As this is to guarantee that any site clearance Norwich work is completed both safely and effectively. During the process of clearing the site. We can provide recommendations on how any veteran trees or trees with considerable ecological value may be effectively protected and preserved. After this step is completed, it will be feasible to carry out site inspections. This is to monitor the safeguarding of tree roots throughout any subsequent building activity.

Clearance of stumps and roots

To make room for new buildings or to prepare a block of land for development, residential and commercial site clearing is commonly necessary. In certain instances, this involves the clearing of brush and scrub. As well as the removal of trees and grinding their stumps.


Any amount of tree stump may be ground up by an excavator and then mulched by a forestry mulcher. This is before being added to the topsoil strip or scraped off and hauled away. But it all depends on what the situation calls for. This effective procedure removes the greatest possible quantity of side roots. And it assures that the following projects will not come into contact with any concealed roots. Using a wheeled or tracked stump grinder that is driven by a human, it is possible to completely or partially remove tree stumps. Even if they are in close proximity to buildings or utility facilities.

Image of a woods in Norwich


We can rapidly and effectively prepare your site for anything you have planned for it. This is regardless of what those plans may be. We take great satisfaction in the fact that we can fulfil our mission of providing you with a service that is both prompt and well-performed. We put a high premium on paying careful and exacting attention to every detail. When we are cleaning the site, our knowledgeable staff constantly takes into mind how it could be used in the future. From a cramped and confined garden to large-scale development sites. We are able to manage jobs of any scale in an effective and cost-efficient manner. This is because of the equipment and expertise at our disposal. We can give cost estimates for the whole site removal process, which includes the restoration of the ecosystem.


During the renovation of the site, we are also able to provide advice on how to safeguard trees that are not going to be destroyed. Also on what materials should be used. And oversee root protection while the land is being cleared and building work is being done.


Using a high-power forestry mulcher, it is possible to mulch any amount of wood. As well as the brash left over after the felling of trees, scrub plants, and roots that have not been chipped or sold as lumber. As a result of the ability to recycle the mulched arisings into the earth as humus. There is no longer a need for their transportation to an expensive landfill. This method for dealing with vegetation that could not be recycled is approved by the industry for use on all sites where there is no worry about mild nutrient enrichment.

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When trees and their roots grow out of control, it’s not only a nuisance, it may also be hazardous to safety. By using our tree removal services in Norwich, you will be able to save time and money throughout your project. Which will, in turn, enable you to concentrate on other areas of it.