Pro Tree Surgeon Norwich


Our tree services Norwich team uses a chainsaw to cut vertically down a log

If you searched for “tree surgeon near me“. You would likely see our business listed as one of the results. You will be able to view all of the many tree services that we provide in Norwich from that vantage point. Our knowledgeable staff is always able to offer a variety of solutions to the issues you are facing. And the vast majority of the time, they will be able to reduce the amount of money you will need to spend. This is a result of the use of the equipment, tools, and expertise that we have accumulated over the years. The following is a list of some of the fundamental things our tree services Norwich team can provide for you:


Tree felling in Norwich

If a tree is diseased, which usually puts it in danger of falling, then the tree should be removed. When this occurs, cutting down trees is almost always the best option that may be explored. This may protect your property as well as the property of a neighbour from any possible harm that might be caused.

Tree trimming and pollarding in Norwich

When a tree gets too big for its space, it runs the risk of losing the shape it had when it was first planted. Because we will be trimming and pollarding the tree, the appearance of the tree as a whole will be enhanced. This is because of the work that we do on it. Additionally, this will encourage the development of new branches.

Stump removal and grinding in Norwich

After a job involving the felling of a tree, it is typically necessary to remove or grind the tree stump that is left behind. This is to make room for any paving or building work, etc. Our company in Norwich which is capable of both stump removal and grinding offers this service to local customers. Our team is equipped to deal with any of these potential outcomes since we possess the requisite resources.

Hedge trimming in Norwich

When the hedge has become unattractive due to excessive growth, you need to go through the process of trimming down the excess foliage. This can be done to trim the hedge back itself to enable it to get thicker. Or if it has grown too big, it might be preventing light from entering your garden. Either way, this can be done to allow the hedge to become denser. In each of these two cases, the hedge has to have its branches trimmed.