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Tree stump that needs grinding in Norwich

As part of our tree removal proposal, our arborists also examine the site to see if stump grinding in Norwich is necessary. Many people prefer to have the stump ground at the same time as having the tree removed, even if it isn’t necessary. The property owner can lay sod or plant flowers in the area where the tree once stood thanks to stump grinding. Stump grinders also produce mulch, which can be used in a variety of ways around the garden. 


Here are some frequently asked stump grinding questions and answers

How far down can the stump grinder go?

Four to six inches below grade is the norm for us when grinding (ground level). The cost of stump grinding may go up if deeper grinding is required, but this can be requested.

There are, however, some restrictions on the depth to which a stump can be ground:

  • ​Because of the large diameter of the blade and the limited range of movement, the stump-grinding machine can only be used in very specific places on the tree stump.
  • Shallow soils, such as the limestone bedrock, could prevent a tree from growing to a grindable depth of six inches or more.
  • The grinder’s ability to go as deep as the tree may be hampered by other materials in the vicinity. Only plant and wood material and dirt can be processed by the stump grinder, which is powerful.
  • Concrete, brick, or rock may be used to build a barrier around a stump (such as a tree ring)
  • Nearby trees may have roots in the stump of a nearby tree.
  • There may be obstacles in the way of the grinder getting to all of the root material, such as walkways and patios.
  • Tree lighting wiring and buried hoses for lawn irrigation.
  • In most cases, we don’t grind down to the point where we might damage properly installed utility lines or buried cables, but there are times when a shallower grind is necessary due to unforeseen obstacles.
*Stump grinding point

Even the homeowner may not know what lies beneath a tree’s roots or the surrounding soil. When grinding a stump, we will not be held responsible for any damage to electrical lines or other underground items that we are not aware of. Your arborist will need to know if there are any sprinkler systems or other objects in the area to be levelled before the work gets started.

After a stump is ground, what is left over?

The stump and surface root material is ground up into a fine mulch by the blade. Stump grinding mulch can cover a lot more ground than the original stump did. The difference between a block of cheese and a grated version of the same cheese can be helpful.


Due to the smaller size of the wood particles and the presence of more soil, mulch made from stump grinding decomposes more quickly than other types of mulch. Backfilling is a common practice in our company. Putting mulch back in the ground is a standard procedure. Even so, the tree owner usually ends up with a large pile of mulch that is visible above the ground. Many people prefer to use the mulch around their gardens rather than leave it where the stump once stood because of its composition.


Mulch made from a stump grinder can be composted or used in flowerbeds. This mulch may not perform as well as typical hardwood mulch and may need to be replaced more frequently. (Depending on the exact composition of the mulch.) In time, the mulch can be piled on top of the ground and compacted. This makes the area ready for sod or other small plants to be planted. In addition to stump grinding, we can provide bagging and/or hauling of the bagged mulch if requested. But this is not our standard practice.

What will happen to the tree after a stump is dug up in the ground?

In some cases, even after stump grinding in Norwich, some species of trees can regrow new branches and shoots from the roots that remain in the ground. It is possible to trim or mow down the sprouts that appear after stump grinding. This is because the remaining roots use up their energy reserves. Root dieback can be sped up using a woody stem killer that is readily available for purchase. White vinegar can also be used as a natural alternative to commercial root killers.

A photo of a tree stump in Norwich

A stump has been grounded. Can I replant?

We get a lot of calls from people who tried pruning a tree but didn’t get their desired result so they want us to remove a tree. Replanting trees in the same spot where a tree was cut down and the stump was ground is not something we recommend. Even after a thorough abrasion, the root system is still well-developed. Because of the presence of the old root system, a new tree may struggle to establish itself. The old tree may have had a disease, and the disease may still be present in the root tissue. And this can be transmitted to the new tree. The old root system of the removed tree can be less of an issue if a new tree is planted far enough away from the old one.

Is it possible to grind down all tree stumps?

Because of storm damage or root rot, a tree’s stump cannot be removed as easily as if it had not been uprooted. There may be too much root material above ground for a stump grinder to get to it. When a tree falls, it may rake up a significant amount of dirt, turf grass, and other material from the ground. But this depends on the type of tree and how it grew. If you grind down an uprooted stump, you may end up with more dirt than tree matter. And this isn’t ideal for mulching.

Can you grind in all weather?

When it comes to stump grinding, the weather is also a factor to keep in mind. The soil can become waterlogged after a long period of rain. When using a stump grinder in heavy, wet soil, the machine’s weight can damage the surrounding area. And this makes a bigger mess than usual. Even a “standard” stump grind may have to be postponed until the area has dried out.

Enquire with us!

Our arborist Norwich team are always dispatched to assess unusual situations. Such as a downed tree or multiple stumps in a single area. So if you find yourself in one of those then look on the internet for stump grinding near me and you’ll come across us. Then we’ll take a look before providing a quote or scheduling stump grinding in Norwich.