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Tree removal/felling is the act of removing a tree to reduce the risk of disease spread and enhance public safety. As a result of this, tree felling should only be performed by a trained arborist like our tree removal Norwich team. Because we will methodically organise the task and take into account any potential hazards or risks.


Why do trees need to be cut down from time to time?


The extensive quantities of dead wood and the damage to the tree’s stability may cause significant dangers. Especially when there are strong winds, which can be a big environmental risk. The removal of trees that are dead or dying, or that have developed into a hazard to persons or property, is accomplished via the practice of felling. By eliminating certain parts, you may assist the other parts that are left to grow and flourish more successfully. This is by reducing the amount of competition for space and light. Also, to create a place for new buildings or house extensions, trees may need to be chopped down.

It is conceivable for the disease to spread to other trees. And this might ultimately result in the extinction of the whole species. As a consequence of this, getting expert advice as soon as possible is strongly recommended. This is to ensure that the most effective strategy is used.

The sooner the issue is identified, the better it will be for both the protection of the surrounding area and the safety of the people that pass by it. It is vital to do a comprehensive evaluation of the tree to guarantee that any issues are addressed promptly. When dealing with a tree that is either dead or ill, felling the tree is often the best solution.

Unfit for the intended purpose and setting

In addition, if there is a problem with subsidence at the location where the trees are located. Or if the advice of an insurance company is that the trees should be cut down to reduce the risk of subsidence. Then the trees may not be suitable for the location where they are located.


The development of a tree’s roots may cause subsidence and structural damage to a structure if the wrong kind of tree is planted too near to it. And if it is put too close to a building. In situations like this one, the most effective course of action is to down and get rid of the tree. This is to get to the root of the issue.

Aesthetics are important

Even though tree removal in Norwich is done primarily for safety reasons. Sometimes they are cut down for reasons related to aesthetics or light. The improper cutting down of trees is the source of a great number of disputes between neighbours. As a consequence of this, before taking any action on your own, you should first conduct some research on the legal protections afforded to you. And then retain the services of an experienced tree service.


Work on the tree that includes chopping it down, topping it, lopping it, or uprooting it is not permitted if the tree is protected by a preservation order. Or if it is situated in a conservation area. Because of this, a tree expert will not carry out any work unless they have received permission from the relevant authorities.

Industry knowledge

Our highly trained personnel at Pro Tree Surgeon Norwich have in-depth industry expertise! We also have the instruments that are necessary to complete any job in a timely and risk-free manner. So we can take care of the full process for you. This includes removing stumps and falling trees, as well as performing maintenance and surveys. The arborists that we use for tree felling are highly knowledgeable in all facets of the tree felling process. And we make every effort to leave as little harm as possible to the surrounding plants. This is all whilst ensuring that all debris is collected in its entirety.

An important job

Felling is an essential but underestimated service in the arboriculture sector. And it is one that Pro Tree Surgeon Norwich does in an experienced and risk-free manner. Nevertheless, there are situations in which removal is the best choice for the landscape as well as the homeowner. Accomplishing this has always been one of our primary objectives.


The felling of trees is the most hazardous aspect of arboriculture. Workers are required to cut down trees regularly in limited areas, such as close proximity to residential areas, power lines, and other essential infrastructure. The process of felling is challenging and calls for a high level of ability.

What's left?

During the felling process, the stump is often left in a position that is as near to the ground as is practically possible. Should the customer so want, the stump will be removed. But stump removal often calls for specialised equipment. Nonetheless, this step may be essential in cases where the stump poses a risk to the surrounding area or is just an eyesore in the garden. Grinding away the stump using a machine in a professional setting is the most effective and risk-free way to do this job.

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