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Signs you should call a tree surgeon.

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One of the nicest landscaping elements for a garden to have is a tree. And is also an essential component of our ecology. They have the power to significantly alter the surrounding area. From lovely flowers to majestic oak trees. They do, however, come with obligations. Trees must be maintained regularly, ideally by a tree surgeon, to stay safe and healthy because they are living plants.


Preventative measures are essential, this is where tree surgeons come in. Trees can become extremely dangerous without adequate maintenance or occasionally due to old age. Tree surgeons provide a variety of services, such as pruning, felling, treating diseases, and removing trees in Norwich.


We can help if you want your trees to be in excellent condition for many years to come. Or if you have concerns about one of your trees. In this blog post, we go through some of the most telling indicators that you need a tree expert’s assistance. For all the details, continue reading.

When should you contact the local tree surgeon?

One excellent method to add shade, variety, and a focal point to your outdoor space is by planting trees in your garden. Despite being relatively independent and trouble-free, trees shouldn’t be completely disregarded. It’s time to hire experts if, for instance, your tree has grown erratically or is exhibiting symptoms of a disease.


The top warning signs that it’s time to call your tree surgeons are listed below:

Drooping tree limbs

Overhanging tree limbs happen more frequently as your tree becomes bigger. Branches may begin to stray across your neighbour’s property line, causing disputes. Additionally, overhanging branches may become weaker and are more likely to fall off. Investing in tree trimming services can ensure that your bushes and trees remain well-kept.

Diseased trees

Trees are frequently neglected while the rest of the garden is looked to. And this can lead to diseases quickly spreading throughout the plant. Tree illness is nearly inevitable because of the hundreds of organisms that reside on its surface. Yet it still needs to be addressed correctly. Fungus on the tree’s bark, dead limbs, breaks in the bark, crumbling wood, and other symptoms are all indications of disease. To avoid future harm, these alterations must be handled as soon as they arise.

Trees blocking landscaping initiatives

Trees might obstruct your plans for landscaping, loft extensions, conservatories, and other structures. The safest course of action may be to contact a tree surgeon. Because they may evaluate the problem and determine the best course of action for your needs. Which may entail either fully removing the tree or just pruning it back. If you don’t consult an expert before beginning a project, there’s a good chance the tree may cause problems and eventually become a safety hazard. And to find that expert just head to the internet and type ‘tree surgeon near me‘.

Issues with your neighbours

Nothing is worse than overgrown trees crossing the fence, branches obstructing your enjoyment of your garden, or gutters being harmed. These factors can lead to neighbour problems. And while you can cut back a tree that is encroaching on your property as long as it is not protected by a preservation order, doing so is not ideal. By staying on top of tree upkeep, you can keep your neighbours happy. Always put tree trimming first to avoid having to pay a hefty repair charge if your tree harms your neighbour’s property.

An image of a storm damaged tree

Storm damage

Due to the unpredictability of British weather, inclement weather can have very negative effects. Never underestimate how the weather could affect large trees because they are particularly vulnerable. Especially if they are close to your home or other property. So call a qualified tree surgeon who can either remove the tree or restore it to safety when storm damage occurs.


At Pro Tree Surgeon Norwich, we can offer both routine trimming services and emergency work for trees with disease or storm damage. To ensure the greatest outcomes for you, all of our arborists complete their agreed-upon tasks by best practices in the field. Choose a team you can believe in today. For an appointment, get in touch with us.

Undesirable pests

Consider all the animals and other living things you can find in your garden. While most of them are benign and get along with trees, some do pose a risk. It’s important to take action before your tree is entirely damaged if you can see an infestation inside your tree or indicators of an infestation, such as entry holes. Always employ a competent tree specialist who can take a look at giving the tree the treatment it requires. Because pests operate quickly and can cause structural damage and make a tree very fragile.

Your tree looks to be dying

If you feel that your tree is dying then it needs to be taken care of. Whether it is because of a sickness that cannot be cured or because it is simply extremely old. Never attempt to handle the matter on your own because inexperienced people are not safe. Branches dropping off, fewer or no leaves during the warmer months, a brittle trunk, patchy leaves, signs of base damage, and insect infestations are all indications that your tree is dying. Get in touch with your local tree surgeon as soon as you observe these changes. This is because a dying tree can often be addressed by tree felling and other techniques.

Really deep bark cracks

Peeling bark or fissures in the bark, also known as frost cracks, are signs that your tree’s health is declining. Temperature changes from freezing to thawing can develop cracks in the bark, and as the bark contracts and stretches, the gaps get wider and wider. Even though this isn’t usually dangerous, it’s preferable to have it examined so the tree can recover. Tree surgeons can assist with the maintenance of some trees because they are more prone to cracks and need more care.

Contact our professional tree surgeon!

Our tree surgery Norwich team are the tree experts you can count on for everything from emergency service to tree pruning. We can assist if you require assistance with maintaining a tree or garden on a commercial property. We’ll determine the best course of action after evaluating the tree’s condition. This is to make sure it is properly cared for and does not pose a threat. Our local company places a high value on providing exceptional customer service and you can trust that all work is done to a high standard.

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