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Why are they called tree surgeons?

Why are they called tree surgeons? Our professionals get asked this question all the time. So if you are interested, we’ve got the whole, exhaustive explanation and answer for you!


There are a variety of services that a tree surgeon can provide for a variety of clients in a variety of locations. Some of the services are planting, trimming, falling, and general tree treatment, care, and upkeep are all responsibilities of a tree surgeon

A tree surgeon's job is to remove trees from the ground

Arborists are sometimes referred to as “tree surgeons” because their work is similar to that of a doctor. But tree surgeons, despite their title, lack the education and experience of licensed arborists.

Exactly what do tree surgeons do?

If you have an overgrown tree with intertwined branches, then a professional tree surgeon can reshape the crown to a more symmetrical appearance. The tree will be cut down from the top down until the main trunk can be cut, and then it will be removed.

Professional tree surgeons are know as what?

If you don’t do your research, you run the risk of hiring a tree surgeon (also known as an arborist or an arboriculturalist) who will do more harm than good to your trees.

A photo of an actual surgeon as this page is about why they are called tree surgeons

How would you define a tree surgeon?

If a tree surgeon is a medical surgeon, then an arborist might be considered a doctor. By examining the signs of a diseased tree, an arborist is able to precisely identify the disease and offer treatment options, such as sending the tree to a tree surgeon if necessary.

What do you call a tree doctor?

Those who specialise in the care of trees and other woody plants are known as arborists. And certification and consulting are the two categories of arborists. Trees can be planted, pruned, relocated, fertilised, monitored, and treated for insects and diseases by certified arborists.

What are the requirements for becoming a tree surgeon?

What are the requirements for becoming a tree surgeon? Some of the typical entry requirements for a tree surgeon are a university degree in arboriculture or an apprenticeship in the field. Also, Forestry, Arboriculture, and Forest Management are all relevant university courses.

What do you name the process of removing trees from a property?

Felling is a part of logging that involves chopping down trees. A feller is a person who chops down the trees.​ We offer a tree felling Norwich service.