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Planting and pruning fruit trees.

Photo of an apple fruit tree which would need pruning

The selection of a fruit tree is important for a small urban garden. This is because it provides structure to the garden. Also, there are the additional benefits of blossoms and fruit without the complications that are connected with larger trees. A fruit tree will not only improve soil and water conservation, but also avoid local flooding, and help moderate the local climate by providing shade, wildlife habitat, and temperature regulation. But it will also bring birds and pollinating insects to your garden. So let’s look at planting and pruning fruit trees to get all the above benefits.

Planting fruit trees in various sized containers

Fruit trees can be cultivated in containers such as pots and tubs even if there is a severe lack of available area. Some dwarf cultivars have a maximum height limit of only 200 centimetres. And trees that are propagated from semi-dwarfing rootstock can reach heights of between 3 and 4 metres.


Fruit trees provide a two-for-one deal. This is because in the spring, they display beautiful blossoms, and in the fall, they bear fruit.

Which would be better, full sun or partial shade?

Some varieties of trees, such as cherry and pear trees, are better suited to growing in shaded gardens than others. Olive trees might be the best option for a location that gets plenty of sun.

Fruit tree pruning

Pruning is necessary for all trees! But it’s especially important for fruit trees because it helps increase the yield, keeps the tree from outgrowing its space, and keeps it looking nice. Poor pruning can permanently ruin the shape of a tree, cause it to become infected with disease, or even cause the tree to die.


Take our knowledgeable tree surgeon in Norfolk recommendations on the ideal times of year for pruning fruit trees. Or hire us and ensure that the work is carried out in a secure and effective manner. We will clean up all of the debris that is produced, leaving your landscape looking its absolute best.


Your home’s curb appeal will be improved. And the value of your property could go up if you plant fruit trees in your backyard garden. Therefore, why not go ahead and plant one today?

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