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How much does stump removal cost?

Photo of a large tree stump in Norwich

When a tree falls or is felled, the stump may be left behind. And if stump removal isn’t carried out, suckers from the roots might sprout and grow into another tree. And with that, there is a possibility of fungal root rots such as honey fungus. This can infect surrounding trees and attack and kill the roots of many woody and perennial plants if the stump is fully dead.


Methods of stump removal

The method of tree stump removal in Norwich is a factor in the final cost:


  • Sucking and root rots can be avoided by physically removing the stump and grinding it down to the ground. Because then, most of the roots should rot away, leaving only a few.
  • The primary root plate is mechanically ground away in stump grinding. This is by using high-powered machines that leave fine sawdust in their wake. But! Even though stump grinders can be hired, they are dangerous and should only be used by arboricultural professionals.
  • As an alternative, you can use glyphosate or triclopyr-based chemical stump and root killers. And it is best to use them in the fall and winter to avoid the sap rising.
  • Eco-plugs are plastic plugs filled with a crystalline glyphosate mixture. They can be utilised in all kinds of weather and at any time of year. And they’re made to prevent operator contamination and non-target drift.

When is the stump best removed?

You need to reduce the likelihood of suckers rebuilding the tree. So the best way to do this is to remove a tree stump as soon as possible after it has been cut down.

If you’re using chemical stump killers then they should be used as soon as possible. This is because they need to be applied to the freshly cut stump.

Price considerations for stump removal

The cost of professional stump removal varies based on several criteria, including:

The size of the stump

A larger stump will cost more to remove because it will take more time to do so if you are charged by the diameter of the stump to be removed.

The depth of stump grinding

If you’re not sure how deep you need to grind the stump, consider how you want to cover it up afterwards before requesting a price. Turf can normally be placed over an area that has been ground down to a depth of 25 centimetres (10 inches). You should request 30cm / 1 foot of clearance if you intend to replant or beautify the area.

Multiple stumps

Some firms give discounts if you have more than one stump to be removed, so be sure to inquire. Stumps that aren’t removed may cost you more or less depending on how many are removed.

Ageing stumps

Older stumps are more likely to be rotten, making it easier to grind them down.

The type of soil

You may be charged more if your soil has a high percentage of rocks in it.

The type of tree the stump came from

When grinding tree stumps, it is important to know the sort of tree you are dealing with, as certain stumps are more difficult to grind than others.

The roots

Stumps with modest root systems are more cost-effective to remove than those with vast root systems since it takes less time to remove them.

The clean up

You’ll have to pay more for cleanup if you want the ground-up stump to be removed. Stumps can be ground into fine sawdust and used as mulch if the wood isn’t infected. This fine sawdust will decompose over time and can be used to moderate soil conditions by taking in moisture and releasing it slowly. It can also be used to prevent soil erosion by the wind and rain.

Scope of project

When clearing a wide amount of land, you may have to pay a flat hourly price or be paid according to the average diameter of the stumps that need to be removed.

If you can't use a grinder

A grinder may not be viable if there are steps or hills, or if there is limited access. As a result, this will also be taken into consideration. Other alternatives, such as eco-plugging, may be considered if a stump grinder does not work.

Our rough price for stump removal

For tree stump removal, the average cost is roughly £150+ plus tax. This ranges based on the method used and the complexity of the job. Please get in touch with us by phone or just simply Googling ‘tree stump removal near me‘ if you’d like a custom quote for a removal job.

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