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Reasons for tree stump removal in Norwich if it’s rotted.

Rotted tree stump in Norwich with moss on it

​Have you always wanted to put a picnic table in your yard? Or perhaps you are planning to put a garden there? Whatever reason, you may decide to cut down a tree in your garden. As someone who values their garden space, the unsightly appearance of a rotting tree stump is an adequate reason for its removal. The cost of removing the stump may increase your expense, but there are good reasons to cut down the whole tree immediately. Here are some reasons you should call a tree service to get a tree stump removal in Norwich.

Why do people remove tree stumps?

Tree stumps are not very nice

The most common reason is that tree stumps are unpleasant. Stumps can make a lovely garden look straggly. Tree stump removal is a quick and easy way to improve the appearance of your garden. Aesthetically speaking, stumps take up useful space that could be better used for new growth or more exciting features for the serious landscape enthusiast.

Tree stumps cause disruption

Even if you cut down a tree, the stump will still grow new branches. So, the roots will keep growing, hurting the garden, the cement, or the sewer lines. Also, the new growth will use the soil’s nutrients, harming the lawn and other plants nearby. The grass is especially vulnerable to the harmful effects of climate change because it grows so quickly. If you try to water the grass, it will just send more water to the new growth coming from the stump. As the stump grows, the grass will keep getting eaten away.

A tripping hazard

It also poses a threat to safety. Children playing in the back garden risk injuring themselves if they fall over or stumble into the stump or roots. A tree stump can also be a liability, particularly if a neighbour or guest trips, falls, or sustains other injuries. You may face time-consuming and expensive litigation so to avoid this just hire a company that does tree stump removal in Norwich.

Disease and infection

The stump isn’t the only thing to worry about. The rotting of stumps can breed fungus that infects surrounding trees, which may also necessitate the removal of those trees. Furthermore, decaying stumps can serve as breeding grounds for various insects and rodents. All of these can pose a threat to the safety of you and your family, as well as your home and garden. Although, extermination and damage restoration of these tree pests can be time-consuming and expensive. Furthermore, many trees must be cut down because of disease issues that have damaged or killed the plant. These stumps can harbour disease or fungus, which can spread to other nearby trees or ornamental plants, potentially injuring or killing them in the future.

Call a professional stump removal team in Norwich

Removing a tree stump is no easy task. You must call a professional local tree surgeon in Norwich to perform this operation on your behalf, as attempting to remove a tree stump whose roots have grown far into your property can be dangerous and cause property damage. Please call our experienced tree surgeon if you need assistance removing a tree stump or are unclear whether your landscape requires maintenance.

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